Frequently Asked Questions

+ Q: What's the benefit of mounting a flatscreen TV?

A Promounts mount saves space and enables you to safely and securely mount your LCD or plasma TV virtually anywhere in the house, from the kitchen or home office to the master bedroom—wherever you like to watch most. Promounts Mounts also feature innovative adjustment features (extension, tilt, and vertical/horizontal adjustment), providing greater viewing flexibility and enjoyment.

+ Q: What should I know before mounting my flatscreen TV?

Different mounts are made for different flatscreen TV sizes.Your mount must support the screen size/weight of your TV. For example,10” to 47” LCD/LED TVs require mounts that can support 40 lbs. of weight. Larger 30-to-60” LCD/LED TVs typically require mounts that can support 75 lbs. of weight. Also, flatscreen televisions are mountable to different types of surfaces, including wall stud and masonry. Wall-stud mounting means attaching the mount to a wood stud in your wall. Smaller mounts for 10” to 47” TVs usually require just one wood stud. Larger mounts for 42” to 80” and 50” to 80” TVs require two wall studs. Masonry mounting (brick/concrete) requires specialized mounting anchors, as well as special tools and knowledge. Promounts recommends hiring a professional installer when mounting to masonry.

+ Q: How difficult is to mount a flatscreen TV? Do I need to have any specialized knowledge or skills?

Promounts mounts are easy to install. If you've hung a large painting and used a stud finder and electric drill before, you're ready to mount your flatscreen TV via wall stud. Masonry mounting requires more specialized tools and know-how. Promounts recommends the hiring of professional installer for masonry mounting. Detailed mounting instructions are included with every APEX and One by Promounts product, as well as a complimentary bubble level. All Promounts packaging also features easy-to-shop size and weight icons, and are color coded by function, helping consumers safely select the correct mount for their TV size.

+ Q: Do Promounts mounts support LCD, LED, and plasma TVs?

Yes. Promounts mounts are universal. They are made for specific flatscreen TV sizes, not particular types of flatscreen TVs. As a result, all Promounts APEX and ONE mounts support LCD, LED, and plasma displays. Display technology (LCD, LED, plasma) is not really a factor in selecting a flatscreen mount. It is critical, however, to choose the correct mount for your TV size and weight. Installing a large LCD or LED TV, for example, on an undersized mount can be dangerous. If mounting a 10” to 40” LCD or LED, use a One by Promounts FF22 Flat Mount, FT22 Tilt Mount, FSA22 Articulating Mounts, or an APEX UT-PRO100 Tilt Mount. If mounting a larger 42” to 80” LCD or LED, use a One by Promounts FF64 Flat Mount, FT64 Tilt Mount, FSA64 Articulating Mount, or an APEX UF-PRO310 Flat Mount, or UF-PRO310 Tilt Mount. In the past, manufacturers did make specific mounts for LCD and plasma flatscreen TVs. This is because LCD TVs were generally 10” to 24” in size, while plasmas were larger, ranging in size from 26” to 60”. Today, LCD and LED TVs are available in the same sizes as plasmas were, as the newer LED formats have replaced plasma in popularity.

+ Q: What is an articulating mount?

Articulating mounts come in different configurations, but all feature two arms for extending the mount and TV from the wall for enhanced viewing. Additionally, most articulating mounts feature independent arm hinges and joints that enhance the mount's range of motion and adjustment. For example, the One by Promounts FSA44 features extending swing arms, allowing users to swing or pivot the mount180° left or right at three different joint positions.

+ Q: What is a tilt mount?

Tilt mounts feature special arm or wall plate components that enable the user to tilt their flatscreen forward, typically between 5° and 20°. For instance, the APEX UT-PRO210 features the TouchTilt® super smooth one touch tilt mechanism, allowing users to adjust the pitch of their TV from -10° to 5° for reduced glare and improved viewing.

+ Q: What is a flat mount?

Flat mounts are the most basic form of mount and allow the slimmest profile of your TV against the wall. As a rule, they do not allow any adjustment, such as tilt or extension. Flat mounts have some advantages. They are generally less expensive and easier to install than more sophisticated adjustable mounts. Also, they typically have a lower profile and sleeker look than adjustable units.

+ Q: What is a VESA pattern?

The VESA pattern is the hole pattern on the back of your TV, this will help determine what size mount you need.

+ Q: I live locally, can I pick up my order from your location?

Yes. Promounts is located in Torrance, Calfiornia, near the 110 and 405 freeway interchange.

+ Q: If the mount doesn’t fit my TV, can I return it?

Yes, Promounts accepts returns. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee based on the condition of the mount when it is returned.

+ Q: What if my mount is missing pieces?

Contact Us for more information. Promounts will provide or replace parts or pieces that may be missing or defective.

+ Q: Do you ship internationally, or US only?

Promounts ships worldwide.

+ Q: What retailers sell your product in my area?

Contact Us for more information.

Contact Us for more information.

+ Q: Do you offer discounts for large quantity purchases?

Large quantity purchases are subject to special pricing and shipping requirements. Contact Us for more information.