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One Products UFO High Bay Light, OSBL-150P

One Products UFO High Bay Light, OSBL-150P

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Introducing our new LED High Bay UFO 150W/5000K. The ultra-thin LED High Bay is the best replacement for commercial, industrial, gym, workshop, garage, supermarkets, warehouse, etc. application. This fixture is ideal for indoor/outdoor ceilings with a height of 6-15 meters and can be easily installed in most areas by the preinstalled hook. Save energy by setting up the high-performance motion sensor through the remote control. The remote also gives you complete control of the light including detection range from 25%-100%, a daylight sensor setting, a dimmable button to adjust brightness from 0%-50%, and a memory button to save all settings. The premium Philip LED lights are designed to achieve a beam range of 120°, covering most areas of the facilities. With a weatherproof IP65 rating this fixture is waterproof and dust resistant. Integrated FIN Thermal System protects the UFO lights from overheating. This unique fixture is built for durability and longevity with a 30,000 hour lifespan rating and includes a 5-year warranty. This UFO fixture is ideal for large workplaces and can save you up to 80% in energy consumption!

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